Payment Options

We currently accept cash, money order, certified bank funds, firm checks, or checks with local addresses printed on them.

Recording Costs & Fees

Deeds $25.00
Cancellation of Security Deed $25.00
Assignment Deed $25.00
Other Recording on Deed $25.00
Cross Reference NO FEE

General Execution & Lien Docket

General Execution or Lien Recording $25.00
Cancellation or Release $25.00
Lis Pendens/Cancellation/Release $25.00
Hospital Lien/Cancellation/Release $25.00
Federal Tax Lien/Cancellation/Release $25.00
Cross-indexing to previous isntrument NO FEE
State/Local Government Tax Lien $5.00
State/Local Government Lien $2.00
State/Local Government Cross Reference $2.00
State/Local Cancellation $7.00

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC's)

Financing Statement UCC-1 $25.00
Financing Statement with Assignment $50.00
Amendment or Assignment UCC-3 $25.00
Continuation UCC-3 $25.00
Termination/Release UCC3 $25.00
UCC Statements (UCC-1 or UCC-3) on Real Estate Records $25.00


Plats, Maps, Condominium Floor Plans $10.00


General, Limited, and Amendments (each) $214.00

Trade Name Registration

Registration $171.00

Other Recordings

Veteran Discharge (DD214) NO FEE

Miscellaneous Fees

Uncertified Copies (No Assistance) $0.50
Uncertified Copies (With Assistance) $1.00
Clerk's Certificate or Seal $2.00