Pursuant to Uniform Superior Court Rule 1.2, as amended, all local rules, operating procedures and experimental rules ceased to exist effective December 31, 2010. Only standing Orders regulating internal procedures and which were not in conflict with the Uniform Rules and did not affect the rights of any party substantially or materially would be permitted. Standing Orders that could be construed to hinder access to the court by requiring certain actions by the parties would only be permitted if proper notice was disseminated to the parties. The Eastern Judicial Circuit (Chatham County) has three such orders. Two are exclusive to Domestic Relations cases. The first requires the production of certain documents and the second requires participation in a transitional parenting seminar. The final order requiring notice is a mandatory mediation order.

This circuit amended the Certification Under 3.2 Form to also provide notice of those standing orders requiring notice. The new form has been titled: "RULE 3.2 CERTIFICATION AND STANDING ORDER NOTICE." It is to be completed on each case filed and a copy provided to all parties of the action. This form may be found on this web-page or in the forms public distribution cabinet in the Clerk's Office.

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Providing Notice of Certain Standing Orders to All Parties Pursuant to USCR 1.2(E)

Revival of Standing Orders
On April 27, 2009, the Supreme Court of Georgia issued what is familiarly known as the "Sunset Order" pursuant to which it ruled that all existing local rules shall expire as of December 31, 2010. The Order further provided for the restriction of local rules that deviate from the Uniform Superior Court Rules. Notwithstanding the expiration of the local rules, Uniform Superior Court Rule 1.2, as amended, provides that courts may continue to maintain standing orders regarding certain "internal processes" and other specified matters. Accordingly, pursuant to Uniform Superior Court Rule 1.2 and by the entry of this Order, the following standing orders, which are referenced by topic name and original filing date, are hereby incorporated as if set forth herein in their entirety and are once again made the orders of this Court:

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 Order Establishing the Presiding Over Day Reporting Center
Law Library Establishment 5/23/1972
Law Library Fee Increase 3/25/1997
Jury Circuit Jury Rules 09/26/2018
Jury Jury Rules 11/6/2014
Jury Revised Jury SOP 09/13/2018
Jury Sealing Jury Questionnaires 10/29/2007
Grand Jury Duties by Term 2/5/1999
Case Assignment Assignment of Death Penalty Cases 3/13/2002
Case Assignment Assignment of Major Crimes 9/5/2012
Case Assignment Assignment of Major Crimes nunc pro tunc to September 5, 2012 1/16/2013
Case Assignment Child Support Case Assignment 12/20/2012
Case Assignment Death penalty Case Assignments 10/18/2012
Case Assignment  End of Year Case Transfers Resulting From MCD Judicial Change  12/12/2014 
Case Assignment Random Assignment of Judge 8/8/2001
Case Assignment 2021

Case Transfer of Domestic, Child Support, and Adoption Cases

Case Assignment 2021

Case Transfer of Criminal Cases

Alternate Dispute ADR Standing Court Order as of January 3, 2011 1/3/2011
Alternate Dispute Creation 4/1/1996
Alternate Dispute Fee Increase 1/20/2004
Alternate Dispute Increase in filing fees
Security Firearms 1/1/1995
Security Sheriff to Transport Juveniles 7/10/1990
Domestic Relations Establishing Transitional Parenting Seminar 3/10/2010
Domestic Relations Order: Appearance in Court
Domestic Relations Order Mandating Transitional Parenting Seminar 3/8/2017
Domestic Relations Production of Documents 3/15/2002
Adoptions Order Appointing Agent to Conduct Investigations 7/16/2007
Probation Authorization for GA DOC to collect fines 4/17/2007
Probation Bail Bond Hearings 2/6/1997
Probation Drug Court 10/31/2001
Probation Savannah Probation Office Discretion 2/8/2013
Probation Waiver of Probation Fees 5/7/2007
Miscellaneous Acceptance of Pro Se Filings without Review (Indigence) 7/21/2006
Miscellaneous Courts Exempt from Chatham Co. Personnel Ordinance 8/13/2004
Miscellaneous Deposit of Funds - Dispossessory 9/15/2000
Miscellaneous Electronic Devices While Court is in Session 8/26/2013
Miscellaneous Non-Conforming Liens 2/24/1999
Miscellaneous Nonpublic Forum 09/27/2019
Miscellaneous Order Declaring Judicial Emergency 1/31/2014
Miscellaneous Rents on Deposit to Magistrate Court Transfer to Superior Court 8/17/2005
Miscellaneous Superior Court Oversight of Juvenile Court 4/24/2014
Chief Judge Elect Judge Michael L. Karpf elected to the position of Chief Judge of the Superior Court 1/3/2012
Chief Judge Elect Judge Penny H. Freesemann elected to the position of Chief Judge of the Superior Court 1/2/2019
Judicial Assistance Assigment/Use of Senior Judges/Other Qualified Judges 1/2/2019
Judicial Assistance Request for Temporary Assistance as Needed - Juvenile
Judicial Assistance Request for Temporary Assistance as Needed - Magistrate 1/22/2020
Judicial Assistance Request for Temporary Assistance as Needed - Probate 1/22/2020
Judicial Assistance Request for Temporary Assistance as Needed - State 1/22/2020
Judicial Assistance Request for Judicial Assistance and Designation of Hearing Officers - Superior Court 8/31/2022
Civil Information Sheets on Protective Orders Filed Under Seal 9/23/2014
Accountability Order Affirming A Drug Court Division  9/26/2018 
Accountability Order Affirming A Mental Health Court Division  9/26/2018
Accountability Order Affirming A Veteran's Treatment Court Division
Accountability Order Establishing the Presiding Over Day Reporting Center 2/3/2016 
Criminal Order Order Approving Electronic Service for Production of Documents and Discovery 2/14/2018
Criminal Order On Sentence and Release of Persons Incarcerated For Failure to Appear 4/9/2018